What is Call Center?

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Call center is what CallDetector uses to identify who is calling your cell phone whether it is a telemarketer, debt collector, scammer, or even an old friend. When this option is enabled, the name (if available) and phone number will be displayed. There are two different types of call center that CallDetector uses which is Pre-call Center and Post Call Center.

Pre-Call Center is a colored screen (green, grey, or red) that appears with the number, and name (if available) when your phone is receiving an incoming call from a number not listed in your contacts. This also gives an option to block the number directly.

Post call center

Post Call Center is seen after a phone call is missed.  The name (if available), number is displayed with the option to block the number, file a complaint, or view the history of the caller.

Difference in Colors

Green: For callers not stored in your contacts and not known to be telemarketers or debt collectors

Grey: For callers who are telemarketers or collections that are on the CallDetector list of reported offenders

Red: Known scammers, calls from these numbers will be automatically blocked if Scam Blocking is enabled, before reaching the user. A notification will alert the user that a scammer has been blocked.

*Call Center is not available for all products or carriers.

**Real time Caller ID requires a network connection.

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